about SRUST (English version)

We are a MATH unit called [SRUST] and have been active with a concept of being happy through mathematics!!

Most of SRUST members, who grew up in Tohoku area of Japan which is a fertile ground for mathematics, are familiar with mathematics.
Then two charming fairies, who are having a crush on mathematics, stray into SRUST,
the Mathematics Paradise, and became member.

We will bring you the pleasure of Cool, Fantastic, Real mathematics.In addition,
we sell "SAWS (=Happy) Math" goods which are decorated
with math symbols and mathematical formulas that are formulated as a prayer "May people all over the world be happy!"

While we contribute for the enlightment of people by our activity regarding mathematics,
we also focus on charities.
After the most powerful earthquakes struck Japan on March 11, 2011, many children need help to be able to study in appropriate conditions as before.
All we can do is heart-warming donation to the children. We are always looking for suitable support groups that strive to improve the quality of the children's life, in order to donate money collected from our activity. So, we'd appreciate a coin or two to our activities.
If you buy our "SAWS Math" goods, we will donate at least 50% of the profits from sales.

Why don't you come to Our Math Paradise? We are looking forward to seeing you!!!